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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 3, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PST

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or kanye west. fox & friends starts right now. heather: good-bye. >> while he is back, julian assange wants to correct the record on the emails read around the world. >> our source is not the russian government and it is not state party. >> wait until you hear what they say about president obama and the president elect. >> steve: nancy pelosi to give another shot. millions of americans will be worst off, pete. peter: a toddler nearly crushed by a dresser.
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>> steve: look at that. peter: you have to see the video. julian assange is back and so is steve doocy. >> steve: it is fox & friends for the tuesday. it feels like a monday after new year's eve. >> did you stay up till midnight, i want to know. we have an exciting program. the king of 7:00 p.m. joining us live. we will talk about the news the day. >> laura engram is joining us this morning. peter: with all the football being played not a morning
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without bobby who is going to join us as well. >> steve: she's going to join us and we are going to play some vintage fox & friends clip plus abby has interesting gossip about maria osman but there's a family connection that i had never heard. by the way, we should point out 15 seconds before the telecast started. the guy over there was pulling a mariah carey, i muffled. >> if you showed up to rehearsal, it might have worked out for you. >> that's true. [laughter] >> you can hear. >> i can hear. >> i don't want to hear it's sabotaged later. peter: we will see how it goes.
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>> democrats are saying that the republicans sabotaged and hacked in, russians did to throw the election at donald trump. tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern time sean hannity sits down with person interview to julian assange, he flew over to london. assange's hold-up at embassy and there's a warrant for arrest in sweden. sean asked him specifically, was it russia behind it? was it, was it? this is what he said? >> can you say to the american people that you did not get this information about the dnc john podesta emails, can you tell the american people a thousand percent you did not get it from russia or anybody associated with russia? >> we can say, we have said repeatedly over the last few months that our source is not
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the russian government and it is not state parties. >> very definitive. >> with a thousand percent surety that it's not russia behind the election hacking. peter: this is the source of dnc emails, was wikileaks which released them drip by drip to great frustration to democrats and hillary clinton, but if he's saying it wasn't the russian government, then, i think, that is a voice we have to listen to whether you like julian assange or not, whether you like wick lakes -- wikileaks or not. >> five or six days ago while on holiday, homeland security came out but was only five pages but what was curious it had a disclaimer, did not claim to be accurate and the second thing is it did not mention wikileaks which is curious, julian assange was on this program a couple of months ago and he also
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reiterated it was not from russia, it was not a hack, it was a leak, somebody from the inside, somebody probably at the dnc, this is just speculation and i'm connecting dots, but probably somebody that the dnc was for hillary and they were probably for bernie sanders. >> the big question still remains why is president obama doing this now when he had the information 18 months ago and also what is the purpose of this? why are they blaming russia for this if that is not the case, that's exactly what sean hannity asked and here is how he respond today that question. >> the u.s. government is accusing wikileaks of having received materials from russia and you say it's false, it did not come from russia and the president of the united states is advancing the narrative, is the president of the united states lying to the american people?
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>> he's acting like a lawyer. >> russia was trying to influence u.s. elections. >> and you also note that he doesn't say from the statements that i've read, he doesn't say that russia was trying influence >> in the media we see election hacking, leading people to believe that the election was hacked. what he's saying the parsed words of barack obama also, they can drive a truck to the explanation and gives them -- >> what they're trying to do is they as donald trump comes in cloud the water, moody -- muddy the water.
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>> this is their attempt to undermine his legitimacy, the fact that he didn't actually win on his own merit. that's what julian assange is saying. he knows something, mr. trump that no one else knows still that's supposed to come out today, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe about the hacking situation, it could be, steve, about something completely different, who knows. >> it could be. also know that it would be easy for julian assange to say we got the documents from so and so. that would just end it. if you're in the leaking business and you give somebody up -- >> if you give up your source, but again tonight on hannity is when the full interview is going to air. >> exactly, 10:00 p.m., your
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favorite cable news. a couple of hours from now the 115th congress will reconvene for the first time. >> a repeal will be the first order of business. peter: doug is live in washington this morning with the very latest, good morning, doug. >> good morning, guys, despite the whip the democrats took at the polls in november, every level of elective office they are vowing to put a up a huge fight. democrats are promising to go on the attack on at least eight of trump's cabinet nominees, rex tillerson at state, jeff sessions for attorney general, mick, omb, betsy in education, an o andrew at labor, steve mnuchin treasury and scott pruitt at epa. they don't really have enough
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votes to block think of them. you can thank harry reid. a simple majority vote for a confirmation below supreme court level. republicans will make full use of reid's full-sighted move. we are talking about james mattis at dod and governor nikki haley and kelly at dhs. one hint of how democrats will attack the nominee, schumer said many of them have made billion of dollars on what they're regulating. keep an eye on that. back to you in new york. >> thank you very much, live. >> nancy pelosi pleading, give obamacare a second look. >> the fact is, it's the old thing of going into a china
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shop, you break it, you own it. this is their dealing with something that's very -- when i say complex, it's sophisticated. [laughter] peter: she said it's sophisticated. the same woman when selling it, we need to pass it so we can find out what's in it. just pass it. then we will find out. now it turns out it's so sophisticated that commoners like us can't understand. >> the american people hate it and most of americans would like to see it repealed and replaced and that's the intention for republicans and donald trump. republicans will leave millions of americans without health insurance and worsen the coverage of many more and that simply according to republicans is not true. they're going to fix it, they're not -- there's so many problems with it the way it is, republicans say they have heard
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the cries for help and they will fix it. >> all nancy pelosi is have to do is travel the countries and talking to your everyday americans about what they think about obamacare. they will give her the real answer. what i will say, though, it is complex, when we talk about our healthcare system. mr. trump is going to have the challenge and we should give the opportunity to figure it out. what we have is not working, it's not working. >> the bureaucrats say you need us to tinker it. [laughter] >> things like donald trump talks about letting you go through different states and compete, the free market is an answer to a lot of things. i want to put the tweet up. she says republicans will leave millionsover americans without health insurance, you mean like the health insurance they lost when you gave them obamacare? what about the worsening the coverage of those who don't have coverage or can't get coverage
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or premiums are so expensive and chose to go pay the penalty instead. hypocrisy at its highest. >> real disconnect there. >> let's see what's happening when the 115th congress. >> good morning, good morning, everybody. hope you're off to a great day. we start off with a fox news alert and closing in on a killer, chilly new images released overnight showing the suspected turkey nightclub terrorist taking a selfie and smurrg -- smirking. police have the fingerprints and know who he is. he's likely from -- he entered with his wife and children in november in order to not raise alarm. family members have been
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detained, the only american that was shot is now home and speaking out about he played -- how he played dead in order to survive, listen. >> all i can say it's massive strategy. this is very unfortunate, i don't want to talk about what happened inside the club, i was with nine people. seven of us were shot. >> turkish media reporting that the video showing the killer escaping in a cab and fail to go pay his fair before trying to hitch a ride. custom computers back here at home are back online this morning after a nationwide outage sparks mayhem across the country, take a look at this time lapse video from atlanta's jackson airport. one of the busiest in the long, lock lines after people return home from overseas, they had to be processed by hand and then tempers flaring in miami where lines stretched a quarter of a mile and people start today lose their patience. the computer outage lasted about four hours. custom says there's no
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indication the disrupts was malicious and those are your headlines. i will see you back here in just a little bit. back in congress today. >> straight ahead on the tuesday president obama prepare to go give his fairwell address from chicago where that city saw the highest murder rate in decades. does the windy city really have reason to celebrate? we will talk to somebody who lives there. >> a mid-air meltdown as the passenger goes berserk on a flight attendant, what set him wh [inaudible conversations] caplet. it's the only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. theraflu. for a powerful comeback. new expressmax caplets.
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>> welcome back, the numbers are staggering, chicago ending 2016 with 762 homicides compare that to 459 in 2009, that's when president obama took office and this in spite of that spike, president obama will give his fair-well address one week from today. here to react, she's from chicago and part of the president's inaugural committee. >> good morning, god bless you and god bless america. >> eight years ago president obama left chicago and here he's going back for fair-well address, how has the city changed in the past years? >> i tell you what's changed. in front of this house there's barricades and the murder rates
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went up. that's the change in chicago, no investment in communities, no investment in education, no investment in vocational programs, youth programs that anyone can feel on the ground anyway, but no real change, it's really sad. >> here is what mr. trump tweeted about yesterday, he said, chicago murder rate is record-setting 4,331 shooting victims with 762 murderers in 2016 alone, if mayor can't do it, he must ask for federal help. i'm asking you, you've been a life-long democrat, you've switched your party this time around, voted for president-elect trump, what is your thought on his tweet there? >> well, what i would say is this, if federal help is needed and you know, i'm very happy that mayor ron emmanuel is open to having the president elect
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come in and be of help, what i think president obama should do, he should get behind the president elect like never before and i believe the president elect said he will get counsel from obama sometimes and help the president elect do what he couldn't do. helping our inner cities and americans. >> you look at the numbers and staggering. what happened in the past eight years? how did it get so wrong? >> i tell you this, when you have people who are not getting the proper education, when you you have made promises of hope and change with jobs and vocational programs that never came, people sat on life support literally waiting for a change, waiting for jobs and education.
3:20 am
and so we have got to do something. the president elect has made a deal. >> we have to leave it there. sad reality. good to see you this morning, though. >> god bless you. >> up next remember when donna brazile said this. >> i denounce donald trump for not denouncing the violence that he has perpetrated. >> donna brazile saying the dems deserve a seat at the trump table, what do republican voters think about that? liberals celebrating higher than minimum wages but you won't go after it's hitting your wallet.
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peter: welcome back, quick headlines for you. restaurants, they are passing the cost predictably onto you, the customer. owner of this colorado diner saying he's already increased price of kids meal by a dollar. increases to $12 an hour by 2020. economics is economics. first france told workers they didn't have to answer emails at home, now in finland people don't even have to work to get paid, a new program there giving
3:25 am
2,000 jobless fins selected at random about $600 a month, no questions asked. steve: brilliant. pete, thank you very much. are democrats ready to work with president-elect donald trump, the interim dnc chair says, you get you? >> enormous opportunity as every president in first hundred days to show that, you know, he's eager to find common ground, to meet with, you know, democrats. but after such a con -- contentious election are they willing to make a room at the table? good morning. >> great to be here. steve: you have donna brazile, the debate cheater, it's incumbent mr. trump to welcome
3:26 am
at the table? >> i think that i think is most important that we pay attention to is that the democrats still haven't come to terms with what just happened, americans around the world said, we want change, we are respond to go donald trump's message of deals of coming together, of repealing executive action and saying that we have to make things happen, we want government to work for us, not for special interest. >> sure. >> we will work with donald trump if he reaches out to us, and that's exactly what the american people don't want. they want a government that's working on behalf of them. steve: the people of the united states spoke and donald trump won fair and square h. >> he did. steve spheef if the democrats as is suggested, you know, our news people down in washington, they have the stories about how the democrats are trying to blow seven or eight of donald trump's nominees for cabinet, that
3:27 am
sounds like they're going to be obstructionist. that's not going to be good for them. >> they are really promising gridlock. steve: that's not what people want. >> he says he's going to have big actions but he also says that he's going to compromise. that's part of his language and message. steve: sure. >> they won the election. they have to understand, the democrats, it's not just the presidency that they lost, they lost the senate and house and they have to understand that they have to have a message on what they're going to do, not on what they're going to do. this isn't an antitrump message or anything message, they have to understand on what they are going to do for the american people and policies. steve: we know what donna brazile has done. she cheated because she fed questions. she lost her job at the dnc.
3:28 am
she can't be trusted and yet listen to some of the stuff she said. >> i denounce donald trump for not denouncing denouncing the vitriol, the violents that he has perpetrated with the angry rhetoric. i will play straight up and i will play straight up with you, i did not receive any questions from cnn. no, next time don't bring me no emails unless you clean your system, okay, don't bring nothing corrupted to me. >> all you've said about this hack, do you think donald trump's win was legitimate? >> donald trump used this information in ways to also for division, i was disappointed and his repeated usage of some of the stolen information, he used it as if he received daily talking points. >> the election was legit? >> it was tainted by this intrusion. steve: after she repeatedly blew
3:29 am
up donald trump, you know what, donald trump has an opportunity to be nice to people. >> it is really astounding to think that they ran their entire presidential campaign on donald trump is dangerous and it stuck with a lot of people. a lot of people are saying he's racist, has -- we are going to come to the table. we want to make things work again. this is a big mistake. the democrats are really lost. they need a new leader. steve: whatever democrats say, donald trump is a negotiator and bring both sides together. i read last night that he said he actually liked chuck schumer better than he liked speaker paul ryan and the majority leader in the senate mitch mcconnell. sounds like he has a -- >> that's the hope. that's why i think he won. steve: thank you very much, lee
3:30 am
carter. straight ahead on this tuesday, he went viral when his mug shot became his head shot to a modeling career, remember that guy? where is the so-called felon now, well you're not going to bereave -- believe it. we are going to tell you. waiting for the bald eagles to hatch. first, happy birthday to new york giants quarterback eli manning, he's 35 year's old tody why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance..., and my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf, all that's left to remember.
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martha: pete: that eagle is keeping the baby eagle under her warm. we are keeping an eagle eye on this camera hoping to see a second eagle hatch fort myers, florida. abby: we saw the first one make its world debut live on fox and
3:34 am
friends on saturday morning. pete: joining us to talk about this, challenger, the bald eagle, what a strikingly dutiful bird. pete: tell us about this bird and this camera. how did we watch this live. >> eagle cams are popular across the country. there are two nests, when in washington dc, one in northeast florida but the nest in southwest florida, the baby hatched three days ago and appears to be very healthy. the other one hatched shortly, they will usually has two or three days apart. pete: did you say pepper?
3:35 am
>> that is a hold the baby text through with its beak. pete: you have been watching the video, we are re-wracking the video from a few days ago when the first eagle popped out, has disappeared to be what eagle normally do? we noticed the male and female at certain times which applies -- flies in the face of a lot of members of the animal kingdom where the baby is born and you never see the mail again. >> birds of prey and bald eagles, the male and female take turns incubating the eggs, hunting for food and take turns feeding the baby, like a modern-day family but monogamous. abby: millions of people watching this live cam. tell us how this started.
3:36 am
>> i don't know much about this, it has been on air for several years. we have a nest in northeast florida, romeo and juliet, this particular nest has been going four years. pete: it is not just watching the bird being hatched. there's something magical, mystical about the bald eagle because it is the symbol of america. >> right. watching these eagles hatch on camera is a very intimate thing and people are amazed how attentive the parents are, they will do anything to protect their young and very careful and their talents and everything around the babies and eggs, people love it, they love the intimacy of it, they see what people would not normally see. abby: what a beautiful bird, we
3:37 am
loved having you on this morning. we hope for the best. pete: it is 23.5 minutes before the top of the hour and heather joins us on this tuesday which feels like a monday. >> reporter: the story out of colorado where police need your help. there is a massive search underway for a young colorado boy who is said to have wandered away from his home on new year's eve. is heartbreaking mother pleading for his return. >> i'm afraid something really bad happens to him. >> reporter: that beautiful little boy is 16-year-old david puckett who was wearing just a thin coat and below freezing temperatures that night. the boy has a slight learning this ability and wandered off two other times. please keep an eye out. this video will take your breath
3:38 am
away especially if you are a parent. i can't even watch this. a 2-year-old boy pinned underneath addresser and his twin brother coming to the rescue. you see him as he struggles to move the dresser off his brother and eventually -- both boys are okay. parents discovering this footage on surveillance system in their home, posted the video on youtube as a warning for other parents. we will let you know if we find out. police storming impact united airlines flight after a passenger goes berserk on a flight attendant because he was mad about his seat assignment. [bleep] >> do you know how cool it would be to have the airplane turned around?
3:39 am
abby: that plane was found to san francisco from sydney, australia and had to divert to new zealand where the man was arrested. 254 people were forced to sit and wait 24 hours for their flight. remember this guy after his mug shot went viral? can't believe it has been two years, jeremy meeks is proving life after crime can pay. the former gang member turning his life around and now he is a full-time model he is posting pictures of his new found highlife for his admirers to see. he captions it god is good. pouring a nice cup of coffee or tea. turned his life around. pete: he went from the big house to owning a big house. landed on his feet. turning to extreme weather as tornadoes, wind and rain leave a trail of destruction in the
3:40 am
south. police officers rescue drivers trapped in floodwaters. >> a prime example of why not to be out because of this water at this time. abby: that storm is moving east. you are saying it could get worse. >> the storm system that brought devastating tornadoes is moving across the mid-atlantic and the northeast was we had a dozen reports of tornadoes yesterday, 150 reports of wind. this is a springlike system interacting with warm, unstable air ahead of it and look at the rain coming towards us in the mid-atlantic and northeast and as it gets to new england we see a wintery mix as well as ice. if you travel across the northeast you will have delays and cancellations. the next big systems to the west
3:41 am
bringing inches of rain and feet of snow. our cold front, arctic cold front is on the move bringing temperatures below freezing for millions. nature's wind machine working its mad power across the northeast and the cold front will stick as far south as the deep south and could bring some wintery weather across the deep south and ice into the weekend. it is a lot to talk about, devastating tornadoes, the system moving northeast but we will keep you posted throughout "fox and friends". back to you inside. abby: come on income it is nasty outside. pete: it might go down as the biggest disaster of 2016. that might be hyperbolic. it was a disaster, maybe not the biggest of 2016. a smoking gun, the video that
3:42 am
could prove mariah was sabotaged. could president obama his pick on to the supreme court? the judge will on that could happen later today, live in new york city, you are watching "fox and friends," the first tuesday of the new year. so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free.
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abby: quick headlines. starting today dylan roof will represent himself in court as the jury decide if he lives or dies. the convicted killer will come face-to-face with family members of the tween 9 people he gunned down in a south carolina church last year. he doesn't plan to call any witnesses himself. the city of san francisco considering a city funded drug den for heroin addicts, finding a supervised injection site that could save the city $3.5 million a year. the mayor doesn't want to keep people shooting up on the city's time. pete: a supreme court shocker. there could be a little-known loophole for merrick garland on to the supreme court and it could happen at high noon today. judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is here to explain.
3:46 am
judge napolitano: there is a provision in the constitution that allows the president to make recess appointments to federal jobs that require him to appoint the person on the senate to confirm, recess meaning the senate is in recess. the supreme court has said the senate decides when it could recess except for today when the old senate ends at exactly noon and the new senate begins one second after noon, one minute after noon. he would have to time this with perfection. this has happened in the past but not with the supreme court. we had justices in the supreme court given recess appointments when the senate was in recess and months later they were confirmed. was appointed by president eisenhower in 1956, took a seat immediately, no hearings or investigation, then while a
3:47 am
sitting justice it was confirmed in 1957. the fear that some people have is president obama, one last slap at president-elect trump and the electorate that made donald trump the president-elect would do something like this which would put judge garland or someone in the supreme court for two years. that would mean -- not for life. he would have to give up his life tenure on the united states court of appeals below the supreme court. >> would he want to do that? judge napolitano: i don't think so. >> if not confirmed in two years president-elect trump give it to somebody else. judge napolitano: two years is the term of the senate that begins at noon today, and the term of the appointed and the supreme court justice with that term. pete: if the president is in the oval office with the atomic
3:48 am
clock, signs it right then, that would effectively be what teddy roosevelt did 168 times. judge napolitano: before the atomic clock. barack obama has had a lot of problems with recess appointments. he made three recess appointments to the national labor relations board which made rulings against companies and those companies that this wasn't the real national labor relations board because these people weren't confirmed by the senate but the senate was not in recess when he made the appointment to the supreme court said 9-0 according to his two appointees voted against it, the senate decides when it is in recess except for today when senate term concludes at noon. pete: if he did this supreme court decisions might not be valid? judge napolitano: no. if he did this, he would be adding one more justice to the supreme court. the supreme court is not actually sitting or making
3:49 am
rulings. abby: what happens from here with mister trump in office? judge napolitano: he has indicated he hopes to name of the person he is going to nominate to replace justice scalia before he is sworn in. in two weeks we may know who that is. he is expecting to have additional seats to fill. pete: watch "outnumbered" today at noon. judge napolitano: what is this, so fantastic the time it. abby: are you on call for this? >> i will be ready. pete: happy new year. we have a huge show that can't get bigger than the judge. tucker carlson and karl rove join us. abby: donald trump made this a household phrase. >> you are fired go. abby: there is a new boardroom
3:50 am
boss, our first look at arnold's on the apprentice. you won't want to miss it. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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abby: of rough night for mariah carey and they are elaborating on what they say really happened in the events leading up to the new year's eve meltdown.
3:54 am
pete: fox news headlines 24/7 reporter carly shimkus, what happened? >> reporter: it looks like team mariah scored the winning point against dick clark productions. abby: they sabotaged her? >> reporter: maybe not that far but an anonymous show producers and she stepped out on her sound check and t in the released photos that showed she was scheduled for 3:00 pm rehearsal so it goes along with her version of these are pictures on the website. they carried her on stage as part of the dance routine. a little malicious. it is worrying, mariah carey at home, one of her representatives told entertainment weekly she is doing 9. she is just ignoring it, has so many more important things to do
3:55 am
and this goes under the heading of no good deed goes unpunished because she was doing them a favor, produces direct request was i am begging to do this. america needs this moment after donald trump. pete: that is why she showed up? >> the antidote to all the world's problems. pete: donald trump is shortly president of the united states, his nighttime job on the apprentice, he has a new friend. >> the new season of celebrity apprentice kicked off last night and helps arnold schwarzenegger update his show. >> a very risky to do. you are
3:56 am
3:57 am
carlson's next. >> his solution, bring in more refugees to teach them a lesson.
3:58 am
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do not take with opioids. reduce hunger, help control cravings. contrave. the #1 prescribed weight-loss brand. go to abby: good morning. happy tuesday, every win. it is january third, i'm abby huntsman for ainsley earhardt this morning. fox news alert. chaos acrossair ports after a complete computer meltdown. tempers flare. steve: i wonder if people got home last night? he is back. julian assange setting the record straight about emails around the world. >> our source is not the russian government and it is not state parties. steve: that is not what i saw in the legacy press. wait until you hear what the wikileaks founder says about president obama being
4:01 am
lawyer-likes and president-elect donald trump. marie owes steve, she always tells the truth. >> you're such a butt. [laughter]. steve: marie osmond just called me a butt. abby: i love it. pete: we'll see if we get that recreated here. you have not aged a day. a tuesday feels like a monday, which is outstanding. mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ abby: marie osmond back on the couch hoping to recreate the moment with steve. steve: that was 10 years ago. you both. abby: you both look the same. steve: that is true. pete: plenty to follow in the news. steve: karl rove called me a
4:02 am
butt too. pete: get that footage. steve: we'll go down to washington, d.c., to talk with tucker carlson. we turn to heather with a fox news alert. >> that is what my two boys would call each other. i have a fox news alert to start right now. closing in on a killer. we have chilling new video, showing the suspected turkey nightclub terrorist, taking a selfie and smirking in the video just hours before the attack. this is local media reports have arrested his family overnight in raids. we're still working to confirm that information. they say he entered the country with his wife and his children in order not to get caught. the sole american victim is now home. he says he played dead to survive. 39 people were killed in that attack. customs computers back online after a nationwide outrage sparked mayhem across the country. look at time-lapse video from atlanta hartsfield-jackson
4:03 am
airport, one of the busiest in the world. long lines as so many folks tried to return home overseas. they had to be processed by hand. imagine how long that would take. tempers flaring in miami, where lines stretched at least a quarter of a mile long. the computer outage lasted four hours. customs says there is no indication that the disruption was malicious. united airlines launching an investigation trying to figure out how a baggage handler was locked in the cargo hold of a flight. i went from north carolina to virginia. >> i'm so glad he didn't end up going to l.a. or new york. >> as long as he is safe and family okay. at least he got a free trip. >> that is one way looking at it. at some point during the one 1/2 hour flight united was alerted in the cargo hold. so far he hasn't said how he ended up there. wild games in bowl games.
4:04 am
usc and penn state had the highest score in history. oklahoma putting on a defensive, offensive display, in the sugar bowl. the first game, well, was close at first, but sooners breaking out with three touchdowns in the second half for a 39-19 win. my badgers beat western michigan yesterday, too, 24-16. go badgers. i was happy to see that one. abby: let's bring in our good friend tucker carlson who woke up extra early. how much do you miss us on the weekends, tucker. >> a lot. i still wake up at 3:00 to watch. abby: what are your thoughts on the exclusive interview that sean hannity did with julian assange. flew over to london. he says he is 1000% sure the
4:05 am
leaks did not come from the russians. >> can you say to the american people unequivocally you did not get this information about the dnc, john podesta emails, can you tell the american people 1000% you did not get it from russia or anybody associated with russia? >> yes. we can say, we have said repeatedly over the last two months, that our source is not the russian government and it is not state parties. steve: if it wasn't the russian government and it wasn't a hack it, would have been a leak from probably somebody inside of the dnc. >> we don't know is the point. assange, i haven't seen the whole interview, it airs tonight, but assange in previous interviews, he said he had not even been contacted by intelligence agencies looking into the story from the united states. nobody even asked him from the u.s. government which is kind of remarkable since it was through wikileaks this information became public. tough ask yourself, if he is
4:06 am
lying what's the point of his lying? julian assange is a man of the left. he is not an ally of donald trump. he went on to say in the interview with sean he believes the purpose of all this story is to delegitimatize trump. why would he be acting on trump's behalf? what is his motive for doing that? i don't see he has one. we're missing part of the story. you noticed perhaps a number about journalists on the left, andrew coburn at harper's or glean greenwald at intertent, wait a second there is no evidence russia was behind this. are they tools of the kremlin? a lot of sober people who have no motive to lie do we really know putin was behind this? the answer was we don't know it. steve: tucker, you're talking motives. who is doing what and why. >> yeah. steve: how in competing motives, who it actually is? is it congressional committee, white house, intelligence finally released to the public. how do we get to a point where
4:07 am
we have certainty, not speculation? >> that is great question. the stakes are so high. this story delegitimatized the election in the minds of many voters. no matter who you voted for that is bad news. catherine herridge reported last night sometime before president-elect trump's inauguration on the 20th, we're apparently going to see declassification of some of the evidence collected by intelligence agencies either prove or disprove this allegation that the russian government was behind this i think that is necessary. that would be a without a lot of precedent. they don't normally do that. we deserve some voters at backup here. the idea we're assured by anonymous sources in the press we know what happened, we all nod, of course we do, that is not good enough for a story of this magnitude. abby: we'll hear more of that tonight. part one of the exclusive interview is airing 10:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. be sure to tune in. get your thoughts, nancy pelosi,
4:08 am
pleading with republicans give obamacare, give it a second look. >> the fact is the old thing going into a china shop, you break it, you own it. and this is, they're dealing with something that is very, when i say, complex, it's sophisticated. pete: tucker so complex and sophisticated we need to protect it. >> actually they broke it and they own it. on party-line vote they passed it and are solely responsible for it. so what is the fear? if obama care is repealed or changed, premiums will go up? people will lose their doctors? the middle class will find itself bearing an unsustainable burden? that's already happened! this is insane. and you have to sort of wonder why in the six or seven years since this passed, why has it not, why is the president himself not conceded to the public, my signature legislation
4:09 am
hasn't worked as intended. let's try and fix it. he hasn't. vanity? i can't think of another explanation. they should have, they wouldn't be facing the problem if they done that. steve: pell pell -- nancy pelosi was busy tweeted. republicans will leave americans without health insurance and coverage for millions more. my daughter mary has obamacare. it is terrible. she hates it. >> of course it is terrible t was written by lobbyists. young people can buy a plan that suits them. we all should be able to. because of efforts of lobbyists mandates were packed in. they enriched people in washington, my neighbors, i can assure you that. that doesn't help the average person. why can i not choose a plan that meets my needs and i am not allowed to because of influence of lobbyists. pete: one democrat on the way out is president obama. we're not sure he will be fully
4:10 am
out when he is out. giving series of farewell speeches. did it from the white house and tuesday on chicago to wrap his legacy. some people are pointing to a natural home of barack obama. chicago has seen share of problems including homicide rate in 2016 which unfortunately has skyrocketed. we had a guest, also murder rate 4031 shootings. steve: trump was tweeting about it. abby: a lifelong democrat switched her vote and voted for mr. trump. she is from chicago. tell me about that. >> you made promise of hope and change with jobs and vocational programs that never came. people sat on life-support literally waiting for a change, waiting for jobs, waiting for education. so what happens with idle hands it is devil's workshop.
4:11 am
people instead of going to work and putting on suit and ties an uniforms going to pick up guns to feed their families and sell guns to feed their family. what i think president obama should do he should get behind the president-elect never before. help the president-elect do what he couldn't do, which is help our inner cities. abby: eight years later the president goes home to his city it's a sad, sad situation. >> well it is. it is a great city in a lot of ways if you're rich, nice place to live. murder rate, 56% rise last year. something is very wrong. it is badly-run city. chicago has $70 billion unfunded pension liabilities. that is not the state. that is just the city. that is fruit of bad management for decades. obama hasn't run chicago but people who funded his campaign, who began his political career
4:12 am
who he agrees with almost every issue has. nobody ever notes that. if you take ideas of the modern democratic party, apply them to a city wind up with a place like chicago. no one ever answers for that. pete: it is microcosm, unfunded liabilities, debt at federal level, support of "black lives matter" movement. that is -- steve: wouldn't this be a bigger mainstream story in the press if this were republican-led city. >> of course it would. it would be fair. if you had a city test case for your ideas, biosphere ii and took all your theories and applied them to people and waited 50 years, that would be fair to say this is referendum on your ideas. if you wound up with place like detroit, cleveland, toledo, there are other factors, liberal ideas, governing ideas are part of it, they all failed, it would be fair to say maybe you should reassess your ideas, wouldn't it? it would be.
4:13 am
abby: great point, tucker. you're doing so great at night. happy new year. of the coming up the video will send chills down your spine of any parent. this is such a crazy story. a toddler being crushed as you can see by a fallen bookshelf. the twin brother desperately trying to save him. this story has a happy ending. you have to see it to believe it. steve: meanwhile years democrats whined president obama couldn't get anything done but now are they doing the same thing the trump administration is coming into power? we'll talk about that live in new york city. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:14 am
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steve: we've got some extreme weather. look at the tv. at least five people are dead as tornadoes, wind and rain left a trail of destruction throughout the south in the new year. abby: wow. in southern alabama a tornado toppling trees on a mobile home, a slicing it in half, killing four people inside the home. pete: mississippi, trees ripped from roofs and after a possible tornado. steve: twisters are only part of
4:17 am
it. heavy rain causing stranded drivers on the roads in highways in portion of georgia and alabama, particularly along the state line. abby: that's scary. meteorologist janice dean talking about what is ahead. you say interest could be worse, you're saying? >> worst of it is already over. we're seeing potential heavy rain across the southeast. a dozen of tornadoes, reports of 150 wind reports of damage across the south and southeast. this system is moving toward the mid-atlantic and northeast. delays in the airports. i got a report that chicago o'hare, a frowned stop there. that will be really problematic throughout the day as the system lifts northward. we could see icy mix across northern new england and some snow. potential for more wintry weather on the way with the next storm system. we could see snow across the south. these folks, you're from kentucky.
4:18 am
what about snow across kentucky. that is possible this week? >> that would be great. we get out of school. >> my gosh, were you here for new year's eve? >> we were here for the ball drop. >> what do you think of the weather? >> we want the to see plays and fox news and go see some fun things we haven't gotten able to do. >> thank you for braving weather. happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you. >> the storm system will cause problems and our hearts and prayers out in the south where they were devastated by tornadoes. steve: absolutely. the eastern third of the country is raining or snowing. abby: thank you, janice. steve: straight ahead, one town not culturally diverse enough for the mayor. his solution? bring it a lot of refugees. the people are not happy about the syrians moving in. pete: ideas from leaders that people don't like. live look at nation's capitol where the new congress will gavel in for very first session in a few hours.
4:19 am
steve: anybody have a flashlight. pete: it is early. pollster frank luntz live on what they want them to do first. he has the pulse of the people. ♪ hey! you know, progressive is america's number-one motorcycle insurer. yeah, she does purr! best bike i ever owned! no, you're never alone, because our claims reps are available 24/7. we even cover accessories and custom parts. we did get an early start! took the kids to soccer practice. you want me to jump that cactus? all right. aah! that lady's awesome. i don't see a possum!
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4:23 am
president-elect trump threatened to block money transfers unless mexicos pays for the border wall. 1.7 million, jill stein will get back for failed presidential recount in wisconsin. she said donors will decide what to do with the refund. steve, over to you. steve: thanks, abby. 115th congress meeting high noon first time and they have a long to-do list. after they gavel in the new session what should be the focus about the first 100 days? everybody talking about the first 100 days. pollster frank luntz has brand new polls and joins us from the nation's capitol. >> happy new year. steve: thank you very very much. so many people talk about obama care and republicans want to repeal and replace. in your polling what the do the people of united states want? >> the people do want obamacare repealed but they want an alternative put in its place. steve: okay. >> not just that the republicans. you can see overwhelming, 96-4
4:24 am
they want to get rid of it with a different plan. look at democrats, 84-16, they want to keep obama care. key column you look at are the swing voters, by 3-2 they want to replace it. this is clear for the gop. they have about the 60 days to do it. the republicans who voted for donald trump are expecting action, on obamacare and they want it quick. steve: when you say 60 days is that from you or is that from the people because you also asked how long should the transition period be to replace obamacare? and i noticed that the biggest number here is at the bottom, 2%, about 30% of people say take as long as it is going to take to make it right? >> that is exactly the difference of the there is the repeal part, that they want to do quickly. the replace part, they're prepared to wait a year if you added it all up. half of americans will wait a year to make sure that it's done step by step. they don't want any mistakes.
4:25 am
they don't want it rushed. they don't want it poe little sized. they want personalized, human approach to health care and they expect republicans to fix the mistakes in obamacare. make it more affordable, give people control and give people the choice of health care that they deserve. they have a year to do it. steve: okay, a year to do it. meanwhile, we don't have a graphic. one thing talked about during the campaign was tax reform. what do you think is going to get done and what do people want? >> they want to close all the lobbyists loopholes. close bailouts and handouts. want to do to the tax code exactly what they hope will happen to the budget, go line by line. do a forensic audit of tax code get rid of all giveaways and all those handouts and simplified code, so the average hard-working american who plays by the rules will not be punished by the irs. once again, this does not have
4:26 am
to be done in the first 100 days but voters do expect this to happen in 2017. steve: okay. the final one of the polls that we've got graphics for, should people, what do you want done by elected officials compromise or stand up for the principles and what do people say? >> this is one of the great challenges that the gop face because republicans, trump voters want them to be principled and don't want them to give in. and that is by 3-2 ratio. look at clinton voters. they want compromise by almost 2-1. overall willingness to compromise beats courage to stand up for principles. my advice for the gop? stay the course. you know what you promised the american people during the election. you have to deliver it. some within 100 days and someone the first year. listen and learn with the voters and be their voice. if the republican majority is the voice of the american people in washington they will be
4:27 am
returned to office. steve: just like that. regarding drain the swamp and things that donald trump said out on the stump, before he was elected president of the united states. people want that stuff and today at high noon they are going to convene. they want congress and president-elect to work together to maker america great again, right? that is ultimately a catchphrase but that is what people are sold on. >> three words, get it done. be watchwords of congress starting at 12 noon today. steve: also the buzz phrase of larry the cable guy, getter done but the message is the same, right. >> i like larry the cable guy. i'm surprised that you watch him, steve. steve: are you kidding? >> i would have thought you were much more of a pbs guy but a larry the cable guy guy. it works for he one, i've been on cable 25 years. i'm steve the cable guy. frank luntz the pollster.
4:28 am
happy new year. >> happey knew year. steve: one town, not culturally diverse enough for the mayor. his solution? bring in a bunch of syrian refugees. people in the town not happy about it. is president obama's senior advisor trying to rewrite history. >> the president prides himself on the fact that his administration hasn't had a scandal and he hasn't done anything to embarass himself. steve: the man who sued the administration many times over begs to differ on the fact that the obama administration had no scandals. he is straight ahead. ♪ world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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♪ steve: 7:30 in new york city. fox news alert for you now breaking. president-elect trump just tapped lawyer robert lighthouser as u.s. trade representative. abby: mr. trump says he has extensive experience with important sectors of our economy and fought in the private sector to prevent bad deals from hurts americans. pete: the choice is a sign mr. trump is doubling down on his proposed trade policies. a stuffer stance with china. steve: let's bring in ed henry. you spent a lot of time on couch. >> what i got for christmas. this is the greatest christmas gift ever. pocket square i got on secret santa. abby huntsman is on there.
4:32 am
i have eyes of abby but for you. peter is here. the mane of peter doocy. how cool is that. steve: peter has his own twitter account. peter's hair has twitter account. amber waves of mane. abby: pull that out. steve: what are you supposed to do with that? >> i was going to blow my nodes but i don't want to -- steve: i understand. pete: week one of the trump transition said transition in disarray. here we are. >> which part? pete: naming all these people. they have been getting good reviews even from democrats. target list you're talking about all morning. we'll go after these guys. you know what? with number of votes republicans have in the senate, they will get the folks through barring something we don't know today. that can always happen.
4:33 am
somebody could pull out. i didn't want to reveal this about my finances. at end of the day mr. trump is likely to get his team in place, and the talk about the transition in disarray is laughable. pete: how likely are they successful in the opposition? historically speaking -- >> john tower in the first bush administration who had these allegations of drinking what not. it became a very messy senate battle and rather than, now you would see in situation like that, someone would step aside n that case they were determined to bring it up for a vote. he went down as i recall. that is so rare. steve: he is only one guy. democrats trying to block seven or eight people. the people, watching right now, all across the country, they want stuff done. they don't want one party saying stop back to gridlock. >> you know what chuck schumer is doing with the list honestly, having covered this a long time he is rallying the democratic base. we'll get eight people with tough questions. steve: don't be the party of no. >> he has to keep his base.
4:34 am
he has to keep them happy, right? he will cut deals with donald trump on taxes and other things very likely. chuck schumer is doing the dance. people are tired of the dance in some respects, you're right. drain the swamp dance. when you talk about the ethics office that republicans, not democrats are not ripping apart, taking power out of this congressional ethics oversight situation, that is the kind of thing that can blow up in their face after this last election people want to see change. whether democrats or republicans in washington, they're watering things down, that could boomerang them, especially if president-elect trump sends out a tweet, that sound like a dumb idea. he might turn on some republicans if he feels like they're not draining the swamp they're playing with fire. abby: i was going to ask you, we're talking about politics. senator schummer will do that. that is all all all you have. they don't have control of anythingwhich any republicans
4:35 am
push bach on the appointments? do you see any that might not make it through? >> tillerson for secretary of state, because of his ties are putin. but marco rubio saying friends of vlad and my the pulling back. tillerson has got incredible resume'. you don't run exxon without, you know, really obtaining not just power but success. so look, again, barring something we don't know today about those ties to vladmir putin, that, something that is unsavory we don't know, just because you're friends with someone, doesn't mean you shouldn't be the secretary of state. so. pete: new congress comes in. with the ethics rules change. some of the old business you see in times at washington. republicans are split. paul ryan said he was against it. what would it need for business as usual to change on capitol hill? >> this is why presidential
4:36 am
power matters. barack obama did that on specific issues, you guys will not work with me, i will do this on immigration. republicans screamed and yelled about it, but now as president, donald trump has an opportunity to really use executive power, both on issues, but also, by just using, what used to be the megaphone, the fdr radio address, it is now twitter. the megaphone donald trump has. if republicans on the hill are not going along for the ride, it's a free country. they can express opposition to different things they don't like. presidential power matters in washington. if he exercises it. he can -- pete: one tweet to one congressman could have -- >> senate democrats have way more people up for re-election in two years. a lot of them are in states that donald trump carried. steve: 10 senator. >> not by a little. some of them by a mile. so if they start opposing him, it doesn't mean he will get everything he wants. steve: sure. >> that is what i'm saying about
4:37 am
presidential power really matters. abby: they have to find a way to work with him. that is a great point. steve: he is negotiator. he has gotten where he is by negotiating deals. he has the toughest deal -- >> this could be toughest deal of all, dealing with democrats and republicans. steve: i have heard, because i have done a lot of online shopping on, you can preorder the brand new book about baseball. >> 42, about the jackie robinson. quick story i found out new information historically, thates and almost didn't sign jackie robinson. he almost didn't know if he could do it. it would be very controversial. incredible civil rights move. he went to a minute sister secretly to pray on it. what about jackie robinson's faith. i didn't know anything about it. went to the library of congress. robinson family generously donated all his papers to the library congress.
4:38 am
i saw a lot of unpublished things where he talked about the his personal life and faith, with generous cooperation of robinson family, comes out on january 4th. the rest of the jackie robinson story. the a lot was never known about is had faith. think about pressure he was under in 194. coming up on 70th anniversary of his first game, this april. faith ended up playing a major role as it does in everyone's life. you have bobby bowden coming up. his book about faith and that was incredible part of his coaching. abby: give us the real story. i love it. happy new year. steve: good to see you. abby: we have headlines. >> ed henry, can't wait to read your book. last year, black history month told my little boys about jackie robinson. what a great story. fox news alert and very different kind of story right
4:39 am
now, right now isis plotting a major chemical attack on england, according to the british security minister says a grave warning is now out claiming that the terror group wants to kill as many people as possible. they're now urging citizens to reportey suspicious behavior, to, quote, identify the machine within. isis has already used chemical attacks on folks in iraq and in syria. furious residents refusing to foot the bill for 100 syrian refugees here in the united states. the mayor of rutland, vermont, defending his decision to bring them into the united states saying that they will add cultural diversity to his town. some residents worry that the city can't economically handle that many new people. they formed a group called rutland officers, to pressure the mayor into reversing his decision. this video will take your breath away. difficult to see especially if you're a parent. a two-year-old boy pinned underneath this dresser. and his twin brother coming to the rescue.
4:40 am
i want you to know both children are okay. but you can see that little guy as he struggles to move the dresser off his brother. he eventually manages to side it off of him. the children will be just fine. the parent were downstairs and discovered footage on the surveillance system. after they saw the dresser tipped over, but they were hesitant to post video online and did it as warning to parents. your comments are pouring in on this. abby has a look what some parents are saying. we're trying to figure out who made the dresser. abby: really hard to watch, heather, with kids at home. this is rodriguez tweeting this. there is a little superman, i love it. god bless you little buddy. steve: michael tweets, with kids furniture needs anchored to you wall, to avert fatalities. twins have special bonds at video showed pete pat i learned that hard way. i had a dresser fall.
4:41 am
steve: if you pull out more than one drawers it becomes front heavy. abby: good for the brother. steve: eastern third of the nights is wet this morning. we have wild weather. janice dean the weather machine is tracking it all. >> unfortunately the same system that brought tornadoes into the south. over 150 reports of wind damage across the deep south. that system is on the move in towards the mid-atlantic and northeast over the next six to 12 hours. we're dealing with it here. heavy rainfall for most but we could see icy weather across new england as well as some heavy snow. our next system moves into the west. we'll be watching this one, feet of snow out of this as well as inches of rain along the coast. this is the system that actually could bring snow to portions of the mid-south. look at temperatures. another arctic cold front moving through. below zero for a lot of folks.
4:42 am
that will ongoing throughout the week. the pink on the map is below zero. reaching as far as south as deep south. that will bring a little bit of snow. what are you doing here, sir? >> came here to see you. >> i appreciate that. where are you from. >> from -- city, new jersey. >> can i borrow your hat? >> certainly. i think you need -- >> i didn't come prepared. >> thank you for doing that for me. >> happy new year. >> i got my hat. i'm doing okay. >> always nice to get warm. >> this man is smart. pete: stealing hats from the general public. steve: here is the thing. you will come inside and stand outside in the cold and you will have his hat. >> do you mind if i steal this hat or can i have it back? >> you can have it. >> i'm a sweet man. i will get it back. we'll get some coffee. steve: janice dean the weather machine. abby: coming up is president
4:43 am
obama's senior advisor trying to rewrite history? >> the president prides himself on the fact that his administration hasn't had a scandal and he hasn't done anything to embarass himself. abby: well, the man who sued the obama administration many times over begs to differ. tom fin ton live with a little reminder. steve: marie osmond, she is a little bit country, we're a little bit rock and roll. there she is with donnie. in the green room on the couch. abby: looking as beautiful as ever. steve: find out her connection to the huntsman family. five minutes, you will not hear it anywhere. hear it right here. ♪
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4:46 am
♪ steve: donald trump within the last ten minutes or so been tweeting just sent this out, general motors sending mexican-made models of chevy cruze to u.s. car dealers tax-free across the border. make in the usa or pay big border tax. abby: that is what you hear, pete, doing with business, threatening them. you will work with me or i will make it very difficult for you. pete: a lot of times you have to make example of particular instances or particular people in the beginning to prove it this is part of what he is doing. steve: we have laura ingraham on 14 minutes from now. we'll talk to her about a brand new trump tweet. no shortage of controversy for the obama administration,
4:47 am
past year, clinton email, benghazi, to name a few of scandals. what does the president's closest advisor have to say about the scandal talk? >> the president prieds himself on the fact his administration hasn't had a scandal and he hasn't done anything to embarass himself. that is not being someone other than who he is, that is who he is and that's who they are and that really resonate with the american people. >> our next guest calls this delusional. accuses jarrett of trying to rewrite history. pete: "judicial watch" president, tom fitton sued the obama administration many times over the reported shortcomings. we had to use small font to fed all the scandals in, jet valerie says there were none. how can she say that? >> that is delusional. he has a scandal rap sheet longer than my arm. irs scandal, hundreds of groups shut down by his irs. his department of justice was
4:48 am
talking to the irs about prosecuting these same groups. benghazi, a real serious scandal with still implications to this day where he and mrs. clinton lied and lied again what was behind the attack. it was not an internet video. it was obviously a terrorist the attack. he lied to keep himself in office. with the clinton email scandal he is personally involved in. he is sending emails to her directly while saying he didn't know anything about it. mr. up obama wants to be able to leave office with clean slate and his administration's officials lying about his record doesn't help that. you know, remember obama also lied directly and personally when he said repeatedly, and you knew better, that on obamacare, which is a big issue today, you like your doctor you can keep it. that was a lie. the white house knew it was a lie. they kept on telling us that lie in order to get that agenda passed. steve: our list we put up, is certainly not comprehensive, to
4:49 am
remind people there have been a lot of things. you're in the watchdog business. you sounded the clarion caller to the last eight years but the legacy media, they're knot -- we reported on these things but unless you have got the mainstream media doing the story day after day, like the way they're doing this russian hacking thing, you just don't get, it just doesn't sink in. >> "fast & furious," for instance, hundreds of americans and mexicans have been killed with "fast & furious" guns. this president intervened personally to protect his attorney general, eric holder, at the time from having to answer questions to congress about this. hundreds of people dying as a result of obama administration program? that not scandal louse? come on. steve: how is that not a scandal. abby: tom, what will his legacy be? >> oh, his legacy will be one of abusive government, abusive power and presidency run amix. one of the reasons president
4:50 am
trump is going to be president is because of record of scandal valerie jarrett seems to think doesn't exist. steve: great point. abby: thanks for being with us this morning. happy new year, sir. >> you're welcome. pete: up next the story you won't anywhere else, the marie osmond's connection to the huntsman family. there she is. abby: looking as beautiful as ever.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
♪ abby: we've been excited for this segment all morning long. standard in her own variety program, headlined a hit vegas show, raised billions for
4:54 am
childrens' hospitals, in just a few minutes she will add another accomplishment to her already stellar resume'. to dish on the latest career milestone, singer and nutrisystem ambassador, maria osmond. we go way back. >> i know, like, way back. steve: you explain before she explains, the connection to the huntsman family. >> my son dated her sister and, i guess i dated -- abby: my dad. steve: wow! >> basically she is my daughter. no. abby: i could be. >> we look like sisters. steve: this is like episode suddenly of not's landing. -- knot's landing. your dad dated marie osmond. when would that have been. >> 1800s. abby: everybody in utah dated each other. >> my mom went --
4:55 am
abby: my mom went on a date with your brother as well. >> which one? i'm sure it was jay. abby: it was jay. >> jay stated the state of utah. pete: when reality is way better than the tease, that is great television. steve: glad you come to new york. >> but i'm so excited she is here. she is awesome. last time i saw her, we all got together and we went out, wasn't it christmas day or christmas eve. we went to homeless shelter and fed a bunch of people and took the kids. they're a good family, really good family. abby: same with you. you do so many incredible things. we see you overnight on incredible commercials. >> it has been 10 years, people go really. that is this program. you know me, i don't endorse anything i don't believe in. i do not put my name. my dad said the most important thing you have is your good name but this program, rocked my life. i had done everything on the planet. keep saying would you like to
4:56 am
endorse? we did a qvc. i have lost 100 pounds. i lost 70, i lost 30, i lost 90. you changed my life, medically, physically. i love being a part of things that bless people. steve: sure. you will ring the bell down at wall street. >> i'm so excited. abby: have you done, another first. pete: how did that come about? >> for nutrisystem. ring the bell. i work with a knucklehead, no, i'm so excited. it is going to be fun. you know nutrisystem, boy they have done a lot of things to help people. they said we'll do it at nasdaq, would you come down? i said are you kidding? absolutely, it would be fun. steve: that is very cool. what is one thing datewise people do wrong? a new year's resolution to lose weight. >> i learned i ate smaller portions more frequently. steve: that helped you, smaller portions? >> the supersize, they do nothing but supersize you.
4:57 am
you don't need that. frequently, really eat frequently. i eat five, six times a day. pete: less when you eat. >> less when you eat. like putting feel on, you know, forgive yourself if you make a mistake. most people make a mistake, oh, my gosh. i know. abby: you look great. steve: you look great. not as great as her. abby: we played a clip of you guys tin years ago. you looked exactly the same. pete: there was a clip 10 years ago. you called him a butt. that's all. >> ever need anybody here to give him a bad time, hire me. abby: we love it.
4:58 am
4:59 am
it's not an anti-aging face cream. it's realizing beauty doesn't stop at my chin.
5:00 am
roc®'s formula adapts to delicate skin areas. my fine lines here? visibly reduced in 4 weeks. chest, neck, and face cream from roc®. methods, not miracles.™ abby: good morning. happy tuesday, everyone. it is january 3rd, i'm abbey, donald trump taking aim at another big american company outsourcing its jobs to mexico and selling the products at home tax-free. and there is bound to be fallout on this today. steve: and then just tweeted again and again, and we'll tell you what those are about in a moment. plus he's back, to correct the record, he says, on the e-mail read around the world. >> outsource is not the russian government, and it is not safe party.
5:01 am
steve: okay. so not russia. wait until what the wikileaks founder says about president obama and president-elect donald trump. pete: and remember when interim dnc chairman said this? >> donald trump will not denounce the kind of violence that he has perpetrated. steve: donna is also back and says the democrats should have a seat at the table. i think we'll have some opinions on that this morning. third hour of fox and friends and mornings are better with you. ♪ ♪ >> what a show we have had today, thank you for joining us live in new york city. laura joins us. and we were going to talk about the exclusive one-on-one interview that sean was going
5:02 am
to air tonight. first one up. >> okay. >> he tweeted 30 minutes ago. general motors is sending mexico made model of chevy cruz to u.s. car dealers make in usa or pay big border tax. what do you think of that? >> yeah. i think team trump is examining the options here for companies who have been pulling this type of trick now for some time. and look for this to be a theme that they hit in the 18, 17 days until the inauguration and then after that. so i think when people hear these stories about american companies going abroad and then getting that type of tax retreatment coming back into the country with a product that they make overseas, it just -- it royals people on the inside. i think. abby: yeah. >> people understand we need good paying manufacturing jobs in this country. we need to create an environment, which i think the trump team is working on doing
5:03 am
with tax reform, corporate tax reform and other incentives. so these companies to stay here of course there's going to be regulation. but not the type of choking regulation that is really hampering business development, business creation, and businesses thriving in this country. it's a winner issue across party lines, so i'm not surprised that they're hitting it today. steve: he's also tweeting this morning about obamacare. two tweets actually. the first is president-elect tweeting "people must remember that obamacare just doesn't work, and it's not affordable. 116% increases in arizona. bill clinton called it crazy and then in a second tweet, he's talking about the democratic governor of my home state mark who said famously the affordable care act obamacare is no longer affordable, and it is lousy health care. now, these tweets coming as congress maybe is looking at changes or tweaks to obamacare. even nancy pelosy hoping that republicans don't change it.
5:04 am
here's what nancy pelosy has said about republicans not changing obamacare, and then we want to get your thoughts on all of that. >> the fact is it's the old thing of going into a china shop. you break it, you own it. and this is -- they're dealing with something that is very -- economy say complex, it's sophisticated. >> the author of obamacare saying you break it, you own it. she owns it. >> i'm trying to even diagram that sentence. that's quite a presentation of subject, verb, direct object. nancy pelosy knows that this thing is going down. in the last gasp of the obama presidency, what they're trying to do is wholesale repeal it, which is going to take time and then replace it. and what the democrats will
5:05 am
do, and that was inartfully worded, but look at all of these people that got coverage. >> uh-huh. >> it's not perfect, but we can fix it. they want to burn it all down and then build it back up, which is not going to happen. and i think trump very smartly today with these tweets was trying to preempt what the democrats will do once they hit the gavel again and are back in session. a lot of folks make fun of the tweets. i think on this stuff, it's like a reddit top line. you don't need reddit when you have these tweets. trump says no. no. no. people have experienced these obscene out of pocket costs, huge premium increases, doctors are retiring, and these little bullet points are little triggers and reminders for people about what's happened when the government shoved through -- the obama government shoved through obamacare virtually no republican support. really -- speaking of going into a china shop, i wouldn't -- i used that analogy if i were nancy pelosi because there wasn't a piece of china left on the wall
5:06 am
after they got through with their so-called health care reform. abby: okay what are your thoughts on this? exclusive tonight at 10:00 p.m., flew down to ask him about the wikileaks. where they ultimately came from. here's how he responded. >> you say to the american people unequivocally that you did not get this information about the dnc, john's e-mails, can you tell the american people you did not get it from russia or anybody associated with russia? >> we can say -- we have said repeatedly over the last two months that our source is not the russian government, and it is not state party. am. abby: this comes a few days after the state gives president obama a slap on the wrist. what is going on here?
5:07 am
>> well, i think we have to be taking what julian with a grain of salt. i either have the first amendment trailblazer view of him or he's only a creepy, paranoid narcissist. i think those are the two polar views of julian. he's probably somewhere in the middle. i would say you don't have to get the information from the russian government to have the connection to the russian government. we know that putin does have hackers who are loosely connected to other groups who are connected to the russian government. now, i'm not saying we know that this was russia that did this. maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. when he says he didn't get it directly from -- do you think vladimir putin is stupid enough? here's what we want you to do, we have this information, and we want to give it to you. so if russia was really involved in this, they wouldn't deliver it to someone directly. it would go through webs and channels of other hacking cohorts, and then it would maybe, you know, get to them
5:08 am
that way. so i think you have to really listen carefully to what he's saying and not saying in that. so, again, i'm not on the trip -- first amendment trailblazer side of this or accused side of it. i think republicans should take this soberly, carefully. >> sure. >> but also understand that obama has a political reason trying to legitimize trump's first 100 days. abby: well said. steve: if the actual leaker were to come forward, that would settle all of that. let's talk about this. donna brazil, the debate cheater during the democrat town halls and whatnot, you know, she had said some incredibly things about donald trump. and yet, she wants a seat at the table for democrats in the
5:09 am
first 100 days and beyond. we want you to listen to this montage and then put into perspective what she's asking for now. listen to this. >> i denounce donald trump for not denouncing the kind of vitriol, the angry rhetoric. >> i play straight up with you. i did not receive any questions from cnn. and next time don't bring any e-mails into your system. don't bring nothing corrupt into me. >> give me all you said about this hack. do you think donald trump's win was legitimate? >> donald trump used this information in ways to also sew division. i was very disappointed in his repeated usage of some of the stolen information. he used it -- >> so is the election legit? >> the election was tainted by this intrusion.
5:10 am
. >> okay. >> based on her background and the fact that she leads an inherently partisan at the table. abby: that's how republicans felt eight years ago when barack obama came in and said, you know, we're going to do the stimulus and obamacare, and we're going to ram it through because remember nancy pelosi had a gavel, and she was going to use it. >> yeah. >> and they thought the gavel was going to hit the republican in the head so hard, it would never come back. eight years later suddenly -- oh, we want to sit at the table. i think one thing we do know is on some issues, trump is going to work with democrats. one of them is going to be trade. news coming out this morning that bob lightheiser will be named as the trade representative. which is a phenomenon pick, was led the trade team there, i used to work at scatten, i
5:11 am
know bob well. now, with trade, some of them will be able to work with donald trump. but for domes stick out their chest and say you have to give us your voice. they didn't give republicans their voice and then looked down on republicans. do you remember that sniffing that he hear with paul ryan in the front row seven or eight years ago? it's always these circumstances. >> we had judge napolitano on earlier this morning, and he reminded us of something that could happen today. a loophole. split second at noon. steve: that's right, however, the judge never worked at the supreme court. but you did. when the senate is out of session for just a couple of sessions, do you think barack obama will make a reassess appointment on garland? that's the suggestion on some of the internet. >> president obama is going to click his heel three times,
5:12 am
and he will go home again to this land of make believe. as cynical and as political i think and pejorative as president obama in many ways has been over the last couple of weeks, i don't even think he is capable of doing this. it would be so far out of the norm, it would not be upheld in the federal courts. i would highly doubt that he would do this. this is one of those fun fantasies keeping legal analysts in business i guess, but it's not going to happen. abby: mr. trump wants to appoint someone even before the inauguration on january 20th. do you think that's going to happen? >> i think that would be smart. why not? he has a list out, people like steve, allison, a lot of great people on that list. i don't think there's any harm in it. pete: laura, real quick, any predictions the first couple of days that you're hearing about? >> i think what you're going
5:13 am
to see is swift action on the news about building the wall, on corporate tax reform, on tax simplification and probably in the first 30 days, infrastructure, which we'll work with some of the democrats on. the question of democrats how trying to take pay for all of this and can we afford to do this without the booming economic growth that a lot of people is going to come about as a result of these policies. >> sure. abby: do you think it will get through? >> i do. he was the choice of james baker, so a lot of conservatives saying we like tellerson but what does that mean? are the bush's back again in foreign policy? steve: look at the time. lori, you have to go do your radio show. thank you. breaking political news you just heard about. president-elect donald trump filling in one of the final pieces of his senior team who he just named to his administration. we heard a little bit from
5:14 am
laura. we're going to hear next from the white house. abby: this is the video everyone is talking about this morning. a toddler being trapped by a falling dresser when his twin brother jumps in to save him. b you've got to see it to believe it. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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abby: good morning and welcome
5:17 am
back to fox and friends, now 16 minutes after the hour. breaking news coming in from overseas right now. turkish media now reporting that they arrested at least two people in istanbul's main airport in connection with the nightclub massacre. they were stopped after agents searched their bags and their phone. this is a local newspaper says the gunman's wife claims that she had no idea that her husband was a terrorist and only learned about it from the attack on television. the two people reportedly moved from to your in november. back here at home, customs computers back had to know morning after a nationwide outage. sparks mayhem across the country. take a look at this time lapse video from jackson heartsville airport. one of the world's busiest. long lines folks returning home from overseas.
5:18 am
they had to be processed by hand. lines stretched at least a quarter of a mile long. the computer outage lasted about four hours. customs saying that there's no indication that the disruption was malicious. and those are your headlines. steve: terrible. >> so president-elect trump is hard at work, just 17 days now until inauguration. pete: trump's latest pick is robert for u.s. trade representative. >> live from the white house with more latest pick. doug, good morning. >> morning, steve. robert appears to be tailor made to trump's trade agenda. he has recently worked as a lawyer working in high-tech, manufacturing, and agricultural industries and previously served as u.s. trade representative in the reagan administration. upon the official announcement he said and i'm quoting now "i'm fully committed to president-elect trump's decision to level the playing field for american workers and
5:19 am
forge better trade policies that will benefit all americans." trump has made no secret throughout the campaign and the transition period as well that he is no fan of the north american trade agreement that he rejects the tpp, the transpacific partnership, and he wants to reject multilateral trade deals. and perhaps most controversially, he wants to punish with tariffs those countries that don't reconstructor the trade agreements. and in that sense, he's like-minded, the wall street journal said a piece about him that he has three decades of experience, arguing for punitive tariffs on overseas companies. so this is his opening gamut, and he's sticking to the campaign promises. back to you in new york. steve: doug live at the white house where it's not a very cheery day. abby: all caught on camera as the passenger goes on a flight
5:20 am
attendant on a plane full of people. watch this. >> so what set this guy off? that's straight ahead iraq and he's one of the most legendary football coaches of all time. joins us live to talk faith, family, and of course football. bobby, come on in. you're next on fox and friends.
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
steve: we've got quick headlines for you. first up, a united airlines passenger goes off on a flight
5:24 am
attendant all because he was mad about his chair. steve: whoa. the flight was heading to san francisco from sydney, australia. long flight, but it was diverted to new zealand where the man was arrested for complaining in the outburst over his seat. and first france told its workers they didn't have to answer e-mail at home. well, now in finland, people don't even have to go to work to get paid. a new program there giving $2,000 jobless people in finland selected at random about $600 a month. and you know what? the best part. no questions asked. pete: there you go. 600 bucks. well, it's a story
5:25 am
about faith, family, and football. >> i'm concerned about where my players spend eternity. >> bobby was bigger than life figure to me. >> he expected me to be the best. >> the seminoles are one away from winning the first school's national championship. abby: the life and legendary former college football coach now being presented in a new documentary called the bowden dynasty on the eve of the national championship. legend in the flesh. >> so that sound byte there, you're worried about where your players are going to spend eternity. >> well, i found out in the ladder years of coaching. i hate to say this. most of my boys did not have a father at home. they were raised by mothers or sisters or aunts or, you know. but there was a male figure missing. and so i felt like we as
5:26 am
coaches had to play that role in their life. >> you were their father figure. >> really because we might be the closest thing they ever had to a father. and i was raised with a father. and as long as i had him, i was the bravest kid in the neighborhood because i knew he was going to take care of me. and then i see these kids that never had that. never had a male figure in the home, so i felt like our coaching staff had to fill that role, you know? because just as i said. we might be the closest thing to a dad they ever have. abby: did you see them become better players as a result of that? did you see the difference when they ultimate found out they had a purpose, a value? >> no. doubt about it. it's kind of like being loose. if you're going to do something in a contest and something -- if you hang loose, they're going to do it. and i think once a guy the feeling that he is saved or however you would like to say it with, i think he performs a
5:27 am
lot better. pete: faith is so much of what you talk about and even in that clip, there was a clip of you praying with your team. it feels like almost weekly now instances of coaches being condemned or told that they can't pray with their players that that's not suitable. what do you say to that? >> that's probably about 2,500 years old that christians are going to be persecuted. too many people that don't like them. what you know i'm saying? and we see that happening all over the world. so if you're going to be a christian or if you're going to announce god. you're going to turn a lot of people off, you know? so what. i don't mind getting turned off for that. steve: what about this has turned off a number of people in the nfl. when colin kaepernick took a knee and refused to stand for the national anthem. what would happen if he was on your team? >> i would call him in and plead with him, son, i don't think it's wise to do that
5:28 am
when the star spangle barn is being played. there's too much blood that has been given for that star. >> but i think, bobby, people have made that argument to him, and he continues to take a knee. >> i can't do anything about that. you've got a choice. kick him off the team. i'm not sure how that would work. i guess they have to let it go. i was never faced with that. but i would talk to my team about the value of the flag and of our nation, you know? and i would try to give them a right to do that. give another time to do it. it's a nice cause. >> yeah. abby: was there ever any push back to that? when you talked about the american flag, when you talked about your faith, was there ever any push back to that? >> that's a very good question. when i recruited boys, i would talk to their parents. and i would say now, when your son comes to florida state, i'm going to take them to church. i'm going to take them to a white church. and then the next sunday i'm going to take them to a black
5:29 am
church. just y? because i just want them to say that they're welcome no matter what their race at our churches here in florida. and you take mamas and daddies. even if they're bad, they want their kids to be good. what you know i'm saying? so when i tell them that, they loved it. >> i'm sure they did. the kids that you recruited later on, has it changed how coaching interacting with younger people, millennials, has that changed at all how you interacted with them? >> oh, it has changed. has it changed. i started deposing 1953. i coached 57 years. now, in 1953, that was after the war. you would tell a kid anything, and they would do it. son, i want you to run into that wall as hard as you can. okay, coach. [laughter] nowadays, you have to sell them. >> yeah. >> if you could do this, you could become a great player, a professional football player. if you do this --
5:30 am
abby: true. pete: so it's a book and also a documentary. the book is available everywhere. >> yeah. >> bobby, thank you very much. abby: great to have you here. >> good to see you. take care. >> all right. for years, democrats have wined that president obama couldn't get anything done. now, are they doing the same thing with the trump administration? abby: and made this a household phrase. >> you're fired. go. abby: there's a new border and new catch phrase. our first look at arnold as the apprentice. next jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack knocked over a candlestick onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames,
5:31 am
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steve: well, the president-elect has been busy tweeting this morning. sent out three here, two of them. abby: people must remember that obamacare just doesn't work and is not affordable 116% increase in arizona. bill clinton called it crazy. that was one of them. >> that's one and right after it he tweeted again he said the democratic governor of minnesota said that the affordable care act,
5:34 am
obamacare, is no longer affordable, and it's lousy health care. steve: carl would probably agree it's not a great program. he joins us from down in austin, texas i believe. good morning, carl. >> good morning. abby: happy new year. >> happy new year to you all. i enjoyed the back and forth with osmond, and i want to say as somebody who went to high school in you told that i'm not aware that i dated any member of either the huntsman or osmond family. in fact, i'm pretty positive i didn't. steve: you're the only one. >> there were so few dates during that period of time that i think i would recall it. abby: oh, i love it. now you have nancy pelosi pleading with republicans saying give obamacare a second look. do we have that sound? >> we have a tweet, but we do have a tweet that nancy pelosi has sent out yesterday i believe on obamacare. she said "people must remember -- well, that's not the tweet. that's the donald trump tweet. she said everyone has better
5:35 am
health care and more opportunities with obamacare. so disregard what's actually happened. what do you make of the enslot of this stuff? >> yeah. nancy pelosi said we have to pass the bill to know what's in the bill. we now know, premiums have skyrocketed when they go down $2,500 per person. millions of people lost their coverage when told if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. millions lost access to their doctor when we were told you could keep your doctor. we were told it would generate this much more coverage and it has generated this much more coverage, and they said it cost this much, and it costs this much. my sense is that they'll partially repeal most of it quickly. and they will replace much of it this year, but it's going to be a long-term project to undo the damage that the affordable care act has done to the health care system. >> it has done a lot of damage. my daughter has obamacare, and i don't think she wound up spending -- because the deductible was so high, she
5:36 am
had to pay -- >> the deductibles were so high. >> she didn't get reimbursed a dime last year from obamacare. so, carl, go forward, we had frank luntz on a couple of hours ago, and he did a poll and a plurality of people said they didn't mind how long it took, as long as it got fixed right. >> i think that's right. people understand this is a big, complex issue. they want it done, and they the president done right. and the congress can do that. they can send the legislation that begins the process refuse he peeling the most egregious parts of it this year. and puts us on a path to a new system. the secretary of hhl, health and human services can do a lot on its own to undo a lot of the bad things in the affordable care act. there's a 400-page description of what has to be in each and every insurance policy under the affordable care act. he has the statutory power given to him by congress took
5:37 am
care of and rewrite it, and he can turn it into two pages allowing more options, more alternatives, fewer mandates, and that could be the first thing that could be done to really drop down to the cost of rising health insurance by changing the so-called essential benefits. abby: and the reason we're talking so much about this, it all goes back to president obama's legacy. >> sure. abby: he's hoping it continues on with his legacy. you know all about legacy. how will we be talking about president obama now years from now? what will that be? >> yeah. that's going to be left up to the historianians. but i do think the affordable care act is his major domestic initiative, and it's a disaster. the stimulus bill did not meet the growth and job creation numbers that the administration used to sell it in 2009. i think on the domestic side, he's going to be having seen, having had a few minor accomplishes and major failures. and on the foreign policy side, i have to tell you. this president, the new president and the president
5:38 am
who succeeds him and him, are all likelihood going to be dealing with the failed debris of the failed administration whether it is the middle east or dealing with russia, our failure to make the full pivot to asia and back it up with muscle. >> carl, today, 150 congress sworn in, but democrats have announced up to eight cabinet picks that they're going to oppose in what looks like an unprecedented attempt to block not potential nominees. have you seen anything of this size and scope you think they can try to drag it out all the way into march as they talked about. how do you see this unfolding? >> yeah. look, they can. if they want to be obstructionists, they can use the center rules to slow this process up some and delay president trump being able to put his administration in power and having people in the agencies running these things and moving forward with his policies. they can do that. let's look back, though, as what republicans did in a similar position in 2009.
5:39 am
in 2009, the senate of the united states approved eight of president obama's nominees on the first two days that he was president. the 20th and the 21st. they approved one more on the 23rd. most of these were incidentally by voice votes. agricultural, va, hud, homeland security, transportation, all of those done without even a roll call vote. by the 26th, they did one more. february 2nd, they did the attorney general who had a controversial set of hearings. they approved him. the 24th, they approved the labor secretary even though there had been a problem with her husband's unpaid taxes. and then the last two members of the cabinet are march 24th and that's because the commerce secretary was nominated on the 23rd of february that went through two different people before that that with drew themselves. and then the last member of the cabinet is april 28th. that's the hhs secretary who
5:40 am
is on the third of february tom dash withdraws because it turns out he hasn't paid his taxes. and they nominated on the 2nd of march, and she's approved five weeks later. so most of the cabinet is approved pretty quickly without much controversy. >> well, let's hope it's that way this time as well. carl down in austin, texas with hisser racable whiteboard. you must have stock in staples or something. >> darn it. i didn't buy stock in a whiteboard company before i started using them. the biggest financial mistake in my life. abby: i'm going to text my mom and see if you guys went on a date back then. >> your mom was too tool kuehl for me. i was the complete nerd. no chance in heck. abby: i love it. good to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> let's go over some headlines this morning. >> good morning to all of you. important story to bring you. this one coming out of colorado, and that's where police need your help. there's a massive search this
5:41 am
morning for a young colorado body who wandered away from his home, his mother heartbroken pleading for his return >> please help me find him. >> her little boy is just 6 years old. his name is david puckett. we're told he was wearing a thin coat. disappeared in aurora, colorado in below freezing temperatures. police say the boy has a slight learning disability, and they claim he has wandered off at least two times. if you've seen that little boy, call police. there's a 2-year-old boy pinned underneath that dresser and his twin brother comes to the rescue. we want to let you know that both children are okay. but you can see that 2-year-old as he struggles to move the dresser off of the dresser. the parents were downstairs at the time.
5:42 am
they discovered this footage after they saw the tipped dresser. they posted this online as a warning. we're trying to find what company sells the dresser, but good message to parents. and the phrase we all know. >> you're fired. go. >> well, now there's a new boss bringing a new catch phrase to the boardroom, and here it is. >> it was a risky thing to do. therefore you're terminated. >> that's perfect. arnold schwarzenegger the terminator adding his own style to the new season perform and, by the way, when they get terminated, they go to a chopper. the helicopter picks them up spanish perfect. i like it. steve: all right. straight ahead on this tuesday, hillary
5:43 am
clinton may have lost the election but president obama says he could have beaten trump. >> if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could have mobilized the american people to get behind it. >> doesn't buy it, why he says it's time for the country and the party to move on. and he joins us next. abby: come on in. as a control enthusiast, i'm all-business when i travel... even when i travel... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges. what can i say? control suits me.
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go national. go like a pro.
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. >> well, he complained hard for hillary clinton, and she lost, but president obama insisting he could have beaten president-elect trump. >> i am confident in this vision because i'm confident that if i -- if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> well, now one frustrated democrat says he doesn't buy that, and it's the topic of brian dean new on he joins us live here on the east coast from the west coast. good morning to you. >> very good day to you. steve: so there you've got barack obama saying, you know, i could have won third term. >> yeah. well, here's a couple of things. one, could he have won? and secondly, would democrats
5:47 am
would have wanted him to win a second time? you know, hillary clinton wrapped herself around president obama's legacy, you know? she promoted herself really as the next third term. and the american people considered that. and they rejected it. unfortunately, for my party. but the american people spoke. and, in fact, she did get a majority of voters. she, in fact, won the popular vote but that's not how our democracy works. so i don't understand the president's louisa hodge here and i don't think in any changed election he would have won. steve: and now you look what happened. they had some do-overs. let's put our hopes on the recount. >> sure. steve: okay. he stole it. now the russians as well. what do you make of the fact -- and we've got a big exclusive interview tonight, julian sits down in person with sean saying that the russians did not give us the wiki leak documents. but that's what your party's
5:48 am
pushing. to delegitimatize president trump. >> well, i do believe that the russians had a clear hand in this, and i think as a former cia officer, i trust my former colleagues in their assessment. but i do believe that at the end of the day the american people spoke, despite or even because of all of these terrible things that, in fact, did happen that the russians pushed, they still -- american people spoke, and it was their will. president obama, in fact, said that they after the election that the will of the american people had been reflected in that vote, and i think that was true then and true now. steve: and of course you've got donald trump on the a couple of days saying he doesn't trust computers and they're all hackable. you should know. you were at the cia. >> yeah. in fact, one of the great jokes we had at the agency, we would ask each other what's the most computer you can find and the answer is a broken one. it's true. i think the president is right to say that the -- our system is potentially hackable.
5:49 am
steve: all right. brian dean, read over at >> thank you. steve: meanwhile isis uses them as a weapon of mass murder, but now one president is making kill switches to stop truck massacres like the one in berlin and france. but is it a good idea? we're going to debate that next. check in with martha, back at work this morning. >> hello there. >> happy to see you this morning. happy 2017 at home. inaugural now 17 days away, what he's going to say this week about russia. everybody is watching that closely. also majority leader kevin mccarthy here to break news on regulations and what they will roll back first in the battle over obamacare. all very big, very important topics for 2017. bill and i will see you at the top of the hour.
5:50 am
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5:53 am
pete: every time an incident? happens terrorism or otherwise, you hear about gun control. what about truck control? the british government trying to prevent truck attacks by proposing a vehicle kill switch. it would be able to stop any truck in the uk by remote. but would you let your government take the wheel? here to debate it, retired chicago police sergeant peter and former state department senior adviser morgan wright. morgan, i'm going to start with you. the idea of a kill switch to prevent someone hell-bent with a vehicle. is that practical? >> is it practical? that's going to be -- that's the toughest part to figure out now, pete. the policy is the biggest part. when are you going to deploy
5:54 am
it, how are you going to deploy it? ing building the technology is not an issue. but deploying it the rules of engagement are extremely important. who triggers it, when do they trigger it. and can they get to the point to trigger it fast enough to stop that vehicle from attacking. pete: so you think it's a good idea? >> i think it's a good idea. >> pete, the practicality of a kill switch. first of all, what's your take? >> i think it's a great idea, but it's impractical and cost prohibitive. pete: how do you deal with what vehicles, when it's triggered. and do we want the government having control over our vehicles? >> well, no. the government's getting control of everything, so you don't want to give them control over that. but the most important thing if you're in a chase or you're chasing this truck, chases take one to three minutes and usually end in an accident.
5:55 am
the people bailing out of the car, or they're boxed in somewhere. so who is going to activity that charge and how are they going to activity it if it's a matter of doing it through the communication center, you have to have a license plate. you have to have the information on the truck. you're chasing somebody, you've got to worry about keeping your eye on them and your partner's got to relay the street addresses. so how are you going to turn that car off? pete: morgan, i have to ask. is this just treating the symptom again? rather than saying we're confronting a radical islamist enemy trying to kill us. we're trying to say turn off the vehicles. >> pete, i'm definitely with you. i've been talking about it's about the narrative, it's about going after islam and the elements of islam that attack the united states. but on the other hand, we also have to go after the tools they use, and this is one of the tools they use. and right now trucks are heavily regulated, pete. drivers are regulated, everything. this is not something new. the question is if this starts becoming a tool, then what is our response?
5:56 am
pete: sure. >> what if they steal the truck? we can't always depend on streaming background of drivers. pete: you're a cop in chicago where murder rate is off the charts, and they're always talking about the tools and guns yet the violence continues. kill switches in vehicles. isn't that just like saying gun control is what will solve everything? >> gun control -- we have the strictest gun laws in the country in chicago and that didn't work. it hasn't worked. pete: so would that stop a suicide bomber? >> if the suicide bomber grabs a truck driver, kills them, they pull the truck into a place, they throw the bomb in the truck, they turn around drive the truck in any neighborhood and blow it up, by the time you realize that that truck is gone, the truck's already blown up. pete: sure. >> so i don't see how you're going to effectively police that trucking industry, and you can't just put kill devices on every truck.
5:57 am
companies -- for $100 or less, you could put a kill switch in your own car so it doesn't get stolen. how many people do that? >> when the government tries to do it, it becomes a massive overreach. peter, morgan, we have to leave it right there. more i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me
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increases your risk for low blood sugar. common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, and indigestion. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may make existing kidney problems worse. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, click to activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. >> thank you very much for joining us today. great group. tomorrow, pete, we're sending you where? >> to a diner in long island. we'll be talking to voters as
6:00 am
we have through the entire election cycle. >> you can hang out with janice's mother. >> we both live on long island. >> thanks for joining us this morning. >> happy new year. >> bill: good morning, everybody. fox news alert severe storm hammering the south leading five people dead. heavy winds, rain and possible tornadoes killing four in alabama. one in northern florida. the threat is not over. the storm continues on the march. more on this in moments inside of "america's newsroom." first, though, president-elect donald trump beginning the new year taking on gm moments ago and promising big news on the alleged russian hacks. a big morning of news. hope you had a great holiday. feels like a new year, doesn't it? >> martha: it does. >> bill: welcome to "america's newsroom." >> martha: good morning. happy new year everybody at home. great to have the team


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